Basement Structural Engineer

Basement Structural Engineer

Basement Structural Engineering Calculations  

Regardless of whether your project centres around a new build basement, adding one to a pre-existing structure, or converting one for a different purpose, it’s important that you have a structural engineer as part of your team. Any significant work done to a building’s foundations could lead to major issues with stability and structural integrity. Our expert team is here to support you throughout the process, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. 

Selecting the right structural engineer can be the difference between structural work being done properly the first time and months of delays while work has to continue. PorthouseDean strives to provide you with a service that you can trust from start to finish.

Basement Foundation Structural Engineering

When an architect or other stakeholder brings one of our expert structural engineers onto a basement project, everybody can be safe in the knowledge that our team will provide you with top-tier design work at all times. 

It’s vital that you speak to a structural engineering firm that you can trust. The benefits of PorthouseDean include:

  • Secure Work: Poor planning can result in damage, including insufficient reinforcements potentially leading to cracking and water ingress, and digging in the wrong place undermining the existing foundation. We utilise an independently audited ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to ensure our level of service remains consistent. 
  • On Your Terms: Every project is assigned a dedicated project coordinator. These coordinators will oversee every aspect of the work, however you need it. Our service includes one free change request, as well as a Virtual Site Visit should you require one (T&Cs apply). 
  • Meet Codes and Regulations: Building codes and regulations will vary depending on location and the type of project in question. An experienced PorthouseDean structural engineer will be well-versed in this field, and can ensure that all designs provided meet all requirements. 
  • Straightforward and Cost Effective: Everything done by a member of our team is trained to maximise client budgets, while minimising potentially time-consuming issues. This is done by ensuring that work is simple and easy to understand, minimising possibly expensive delays in the process. 

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Basement Structural Engineering Calculations Done The Right Way

One of the most important traits our team of expert basement structural engineers all share is their willingness to work collaboratively. 

Having a PorthouseDean structural engineer on your project will guarantee that as much has been done to ensure maximum efficiency as possible. 

We will work closely with any professionals involved on a project, to ensure that all calculations and plans are done to the highest of quality — quality work and maximum safety hand in hand. 

PorthouseDean’s team of expert structural engineers are perfectly placed to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible, and that you can deliver a finished product to the clients that we can all be proud of.

Why PorthouseDean is Right For You

Poorly planned basement work can make the integrity of a structure highly volatile. Finding the right structural engineer right away will help avoid any unnecessary mistakes or delays in the process. 


At PorthouseDean, above all else, we value the importance communication has in a successful project. We aim to be as helpful and available as possible to all of our clients.


Each and every member of our team shares the same ethos — to approach every new day as an opportunity to improve and innovate. Any chance to be original is one we aim to seize. 


When it comes to basement foundation structural engineering work, accuracy is key. Shoddy calculations could lead to an unsafe basement. Our quality assurance system is in place to ensure precision throughout.

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