Home Renovation Structural Engineering

Home Renovation Structural Engineering

Home Renovation Structural Engineering Specialists 

When planning an update to a home renovation, it can be easy to ask what you could do. However, at PorthouseDean we think it’s more important to ask what you should do. The last thing anybody wants is for a renovation to be bogged down by unforeseen issues, or even for it to result in structural issues down the line. We can spot potential issues and, using our experience and training, provide specially catered advice on what you should consider doing next. 

House Extension Structural Engineer Drawings & Calculations

The skill set and experience of a structural engineer will be invaluable on a wide variety of different projects — particularly if you wish to make key renovations to your home. 

Here is just a small sample of the key benefits you can come to expect on your house renovation project: 

  • Working For You: In addition to an online customer portal to provide immediate answers to a number of common questions, we also include one free change request as standard with all calculation packages (T&Cs apply).
  • Sustainability Considerations: A virtual site visit is included as standard. We introduced this measure to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, without sacrificing on quality of service. Our engineers are specifically trained in carbon minimisation — to make sure that all projects are as environmentally conscious as possible. 
  • Reduce Costs: As well as our decision to favour virtual site visits over in-person ones, we will also aim to reduce steel and increase timber/brick work wherever possible — as this will be more locally sourced and therefore easier and likely cheaper to procure. 
  • Always on Hand: You don’t need to wait days on end for responses when you’re dealing with PorthouseDean. Our phone lines are open 9am-5pm daily, and we’re always there to respond to your email queries. 

Latest Projects

Browse a small selection of our recent home renovation structural engineering projects and get an idea of what our team of structural engineers can do on your project.

Expert Structural Engineers for your Home Renovation Project

If you want to deliver a completed home renovation project that you can be absolutely certain is both safe and suitable for any intended purpose, get in touch with PorthouseDean today.

House renovation projects often involve a large number of changes to a property’s core structure. As a result, it is important to take great care when it comes to alterations. This is vital to minimise any potential structural issues that could arise. 

For an efficient service that works around you, you’re in the right place.

Why PorthouseDean…

A home renovation project will have a large number of important considerations, particularly when it comes to ensuring resident safety in the future. Therefore, it’s vital that you work with a structural engineering firm that you can trust. A member of the PorthouseDean team can assist throughout your home renovation project and will prove invaluable in ensuring the work can be completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, safely.


With over 10 years’ experience in the field, PorthouseDean knows what is required of a structural engineer for house renovations. 


When it comes to construction, the last thing anybody wants is unnecessary delays. Therefore, timeliness and efficiency are key. 


Another important factor, if a structural engineer is unable to work with you on your level, then it won’t matter how good their calculations are. 

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