New Build Home Structural Engineering

New Build Home Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Design for New Build Homes 

The PorthouseDean new build house service is all about providing you with reliable and effective solutions that suit both your needs and the needs of your project. We specialise in providing accurate, efficient calculations for new build homes — so regardless of if you are working on creating a bungalow for one, or a family home for six, PorthouseDean is here to help. 

Structural Engineer Drawings & Calculations for New Build Projects 

Our structural engineering design for new builds service is built from the ground up to ensure that what can often end up an arduous and highly stressful process, can continue on as smoothly and as simply as possible.

On a new build project, our structural engineers will be on hand to offer their support, expertise, and unique perspective. Key benefits of instructing a PorthouseDean structural engineer include: 

  • Easy to Understand Design: We put particular care and attention into ensuring that our designs are as simple and easy to understand as possible. This will limit the risk of anything going wrong down the line, causing delays and additional costs. 
  • Efficiency of Work: Our expertise will ensure that your project’s design is as efficient as possible. This will minimise potential complications and maximise budget. 
  • Supporting You: No matter who you are, our process is purpose built to suit you and your needs. Our customer portal is designed to offer immediate support for some of the more commonly asked questions you might have. 
  • Mitigate New Build Complications: A new build property can come with a number of potentially time consuming and expensive issues that must be resolved. A structural engineer can factor foundation sizing and settlement, wind bracing for wall panels, and adding movement joints into wall designs to reduce possible issues like cracking. 

Latest Projects

Browse a sample of the previous new build property projects our expert team of structural engineers have assisted on in recent years. 

New Build Structural Engineering Calculations Done The Right Way

New builds are labour-intensive and often costly projects to work on. Therefore, working with a structural engineering firm that you can trust will benefit both you and your client. Cut down on unnecessary stress and save time with PorthouseDean.

We will work closely with you, to help build towards the shared goal of delivering the property owner’s vision for their ideal new build property. 

The team of structural engineers at PorthouseDean will work tirelessly to provide an accurate foundation that you can rely on at a cost to suit your budget.

What Makes PorthouseDean Stand Out

Any new build property project will be a huge undertaking, one that requires a stand out team to ensure that everything can progress confidently and correctly at each stage. We play a vital role in making sure that a newly built properties design is stable and suited to its intended use and loads, while also making sure that it meets required building codes and regulations. 


A new build project will go significantly smoother if all parties can effectively communicate. 


Our team is on hand to work with you and are always on hand to cooperate based on what works best for you.


The speed and quality of our service is something we aim to always maintain in every project we are brought onto. 

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