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Ground conditions such as clay can make it necessary to take more engineering steps to ensure the stability of your improved home, such as piling. For this reason it is recommended as a first step to obtain a Desktop Geological Report. This report is significantly cheaper than an intrusive site investigation by a geotechnical engineer, which usually cost upwards of £1,000. The report can identify risks relating to potential stability hazards including:

  • Landslides.
  • Ground dissolution (water-soluble rocks like chalk).
  • Compressible ground (poor ground such as peat).
  • Shrinking or swelling clay, affecting foundation depth and type.
  • Running sand, causing loss of bearing capacity / subsidence.
  • Collapsible ground, including geological deposits liable to collapse when loaded.

This information can help to understand the risk of unexpected costs later in the project, without the need for a physical visit or invasive digging of “trial pits” which will mess up your garden. This can be invaluable in deciding when to go ahead with your project.

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Project Suitability

This product usually is only usually needed where there are new foundations being constructed, so not normally required for projects such as loft conversions.


Reports are based on publicly available superficial and bedrock geology data obtained via the British Geological Survey (BGS). The data tends to be more accurate in urban and suburban areas where construction projects tend to be more prevalent. The reports can give a good indication as to whether there are likely to be any concerns related to the site ground conditions. The reports can be especially useful in new housing developments where ground improvements may have been undertaken.

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