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Structural Engineer Quality Assurance

How We Assure Quality In All Our Work

The PorthouseDean Quality System is utilised for every project we undertake. This systematic and efficient method of approaching an engineering design project greatly reduces the potential for mistakes and ensures a much more consistent, higher quality service.

For maximum protection against error, at least three engineers are involved on every project we work on, and each project is checked/approved thoroughly before it is ever issued. See below for a brief summary of our PorthouseDean Quality System.

Quality Assurance System

At PorthouseDean, the quality and consistency of our work is paramount. There are strict quality management in structural engineering measures and systematic working practices in place to ensure that we offer the best service possible. PorthouseDean is ISO 9001 certified, meaning that we have certified and audited quality systems in place in line with an independent, international standard. Quality Assured. Results Guaranteed.

Additional Information

* A detailed check consists of checking the project information (client details, project address, document referencing, etc.) as well as double checking all the input measurements/loadings. Spelling errors will also be identified at this stage as well as any notes being checked.

** A high level check is undertaken by a Senior Engineer. This check includes reviewing the documentation to identify any possible problems with the proposed structural scheme. It is the responsibility of the Senior Engineer checking the proposal to ensure that it is structurally suitable, buildable, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing. Once the Senior Engineer is happy with the documentation it will then be approved and issued to the client.

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Structural Engineering Quality Control Checklist

We understand that when it comes to finding a structural engineering firm, there are plenty to choose from — and all of them will appear, from the outside at least, to be perfect.

Regardless of if you’re an architect or a home-owner, if you’re in need of structural engineering calculations, it’s vital that you work with somebody you know you can trust. At PorthouseDean we pride ourselves on providing only high-quality calculations and delivering them both accurately and to suit your schedule.

When selecting your structural engineer you need to know that you’re dealing with somebody you can trust. As a result, you should expect a formal process to ensure that any completed work is done to the highest of standards. At PorthouseDean we follow a rigid structural engineering quality control checklist, this includes:

  • Seek out appropriate approvals to ensure all parties remain in the loop.
  • Should an error be found, record and investigate it before implementing any corrective measures.
  • Ensure all documents are properly referenced, with audit trails maintained.
  • All documents should be ‘up-revved’. This guarantees greater awareness and control of changes.
  • Properly vet and re-vet all calculations and specifications to ensure they aren’t excessive/insufficient.

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