Structural Engineering for Architects

Structural Engineering for Architects

Bridging The Gap Between Architect and Structural Engineer

The job of an architect is often difficult and full of potential hurdles. Project statuses and timelines can be pushed back at a moments notice, through no fault of your own. This is why, when it comes to structural engineering calculations, it’s vital that you work with somebody you can trust. The PorthouseDean promise is that we are here to work with you and help bring the work of an architect and structural engineer together. This is why we always aim to go above and beyond for our clients — ensuring that we can meet their deadline, communicate on their terms, and beyond, all in pursuit of helping to deliver the best project possible.

An architect will be trusted by their client to only bring the best possible partners onto a project. Ultimately, it is their reputation on the line after all. If the project goes wrong and the structural engineer brought in delivers a sub-par job, then it is the name of the architect that will be affected in the eyes of the clients. Add value to your project with PorthouseDean.

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What We Deliver

Every one of our PorthouseDean structural engineers is trained to the very highest of standards, with only one goal in mind — to provide the best possible service for you. To do this, when it comes to providing the best level of structural engineering for architects possible we aim to deliver on a number of important factors. This includes:

That Personal Touch

A lot of the ‘personal touch’ has been lost from our industry in recent years. We feel strongly that a more collaborative mindset where people are pulling in the same direction can promote more and better work.

High-Quality at All Times

Likely the most important thing an architect will consider when approaching a structural engineer. Providing an unmatched service for our clients is our number one priority at all times.

Efficiency of Service

Nobody wants a project that seems to stall and lag for no clear or obvious reason. If you set us a task, we want to provide you with speedy solutions, not more problems.

Effective Communication

When it comes to delivering on exactly what we promise, arguably the most important detail is communication. At PorthouseDean we try to always communicate with our clients on their terms.

Rapid Response

Our aim is to provide you with a stellar service, not cause you unnecessary stress. We do this by always striving to supply our structural calculations as quickly as we can without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Build Relationships

When we finish a project for a client, they don’t just cease to exist. At PorthouseDean we love nothing more than to recommend previous clients for future projects and work — to build a network of peerless service.

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A shoddy structural engineering firm will only reflect badly on you. This is why it’s vital that you know who you’re dealing with and what they are capable of. We believe that our portfolio speaks for itself.

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